NYC with kids, part 3–The American Girl Store

If you have a kid who loves dolls between the ages of roughly three and eleven, you can’t miss the American Girl Flagship Store at 75 Rockefeller Plaza. (You can take a virtual tour of the store here.)

The first thing we did at the AG store was to get girl/doll manicures. They use different nail polish on the girls and the dolls that is non-toxic and safe. The girls loved being pampered, and seeing their dolls get pampered, too was super fun for them.

Then the dolls got their hair done, too. The salon at the store can also do child hair, but we couldn’t get a convenient appointment.

This is the finished style that Elanor wanted. Worth noting that the doll’s dress was designed and sewn by Elanor during her sewing classes.

Then we had lunch at the cafe. The food was surprisingly good for a restaurant where you’re really paying for the experience. The dolls get their own seats, and it’s fancy in a child-friendly accessible way.

The newest doll is Luciana, who wants to be an astronaut. Here’s her special cotton candy milkshake, complete with stars and moons candy confetti. I loved my iced strawberry lemonade.

For dessert, the girls did the special girl/doll decorate your own cupcake. They got bare cakes, frosting, and toppings. Both girls went all in on it, and had a blast.

Does the frosting go on the cupcake or straight into the mouth?

The retail store is two floors and has everything American Girl. The Truly Me dolls (the dress that is wearing the dress E made is Elanor’s Truly Me doll that is the closest in appearance to her) and the new contemporary dolls like Luciana are featured on the main floor. If you go down a level, there is a large amount of floor space dedicated to the historical dolls (complete with kid friendly interactive displays), as well as a book/dvd section, and a Bitty Baby doll section (Bitty Baby is the baby doll line, like Rhi is holding above).

You can get the dolls, clothing and accessories, and some of the dolls have matching child outfits, as seen above. Rhi wanted to get an outfit that she and Lovely Rosie could both wear.



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