New York City with kids, part 4–Playing in Central Park

After we had lunch at American Girl, we rode a  pedicab (bike taxi) to Central Park. Be wary–the pedicabs can charge drastically different prices and it can get crazy expensive very fast. Confirm their rates and if they take credit cards (like ours did).

We got dropped a little inside Central Park, and the girls immediately ran to the giant rocks near where we were. I sat and enjoyed a peaceful half hour or so.

Central Park should not be missed. It’s a massive park in the middle of the city, and just like there are parts of the Botanical Gardens or Gardens by the Bay where the sounds of the city fall away–the same is true of Central Park.

With kids, I recommend the Central Park Carousel spring/summer or Skating Rink fall/winter, any of the twenty-one playgrounds, any of these suggestions, or the simplest solution–walk into the park and find a place to chill. Bring a ball, or a frisbee. We walked a bit up the path from the Plaza hotel where the horses go, and just hung out. The kids found a way to play and could’ve happily stayed there longer.

Now, of course, a classic Central Park experience is a carriage ride. However, it is not a practice without controversy. Nor is it cheap. The fifteen minute price sounds good, but the reality is that you barely see anything. Go for a longer ride if you want to see more of the park. Or, of course, you can go up a stop on the subway and explore another part of the park.

After our carriage ride, the driver let the girls feed a carrot each to Diablo, the horse.

Attractions near or in the park include the Central Park Zoo, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Natural History Museum, all of which are good with kids. We only went to the Met on this trip (future post), but I did the Natural History Museum with Elanor in 2013 and she had a blast.

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