New York City with kids, part 6–The Jekyll and Hyde Club and Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

 One of the things I was told by people in the know was that I had to take the girls to the Jeykll and Hyde Club restaurant at 91 7th Ave. After the Met, we decided to have dinner there.

This is a restaurant where you do pay for the experience. It’s not more or less expensive than other sit down restaurants, but the food isn’t something to write home about. You also need to make sure you have cash or be ready to use their ATM.

They advertise that something spooky happens every ten minutes. We found it to be more frequent. There’s a mixture of animatronics on the walls, like the werewolf, and live entertainment.

Here is one of the live entertainers with a  pet spider she introduced to the children. He’s a laboratory experiment, she told them, but he likes to meet the humans. She also checked them with her ghost catching net to see if they were posessed. Another actor led us in the pledge to join the club, and walked up and yelled BOO! making us jump.

While they note that there is an entertainer fee added to your check, it’s only three dollars per person. I highly encourage you to tip the staff directly. (Remember that tipping is a thing in the US.)

While Jekyll and Hyde has desserts, we elected instead to go across the street to The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. They make soft serve ice cream, usually covered in a topping. They also have the option to eat your ice cream plain or to get a popsicle.

I got vanilla ice cream with a chocolate and pretzel topping. It was delicious.

I think this was a great way to close out our day.

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