New York City with kids, part 7–The Bronx Zoo

There are multiple zoos in New York City, but I’d never been to the Bronx Zoo because it was a nightmare to get to without a car. Since I had a car, we picked a day and we drove to the zoo.

The zoo has strollers, wheelchairs, and mobility aids for those who need assistance, and for the most part the zoo is very accessible. The one bit that we found very confusing was how to follow accessible paths to the penguin enclosure. Apart from that, they make a point of ensuring the zoo is accessible.

The exhibit Rhiannon was most excited to see was the Snow Leopard. I don’t know why apart from their school’s mascot is a leopard? I don’t have a picture of that because my camera phone pictures are blurry. But we saw it, and while it was asleep when we got there, Rhi made us wait so long that we eventually saw it get up and move. Points to Rhi for her persistence.

The tigers were another big draw. Above you can see me taking a picture of Rhi taking a picture of the tiger.

After the tigers, the kids spotted a quest you can do in the zoo. At various spots marked on the map, kids can do an activity and get a stamp on their passport. After x stamps (3? I don’t remember) kids start getting stickers for completing activities.

Above is one of the exhibits in the bird section. The woman was talking about different nest building materials and why different birds use different materials. They also learned about how bad plastic straws are for the environment.

We also saw the American Bald Eagle, which is the symbol of the US. Rhi had learned that in Kindergarten and was very excited to put her knowledge into practice. They’re not very common in most of the country but are more common in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska (in parts of Alaska, they’re actually considered a pest).

We skipped a lot of the zoo as it is very big and there got to be a point where the kids were tired, hot, and just done. Again, rather than forcing the issue, allowing them to decide when we were done made my life easier. If Ravi had been with me, we might have made the effort to see one more animal, but it was just too much for me and the nerve pain all the walking over the past few days had caused.


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