New York City with kids, part 8–Milk Bar

My kids are huge fans of the tv show Masterchef Junior, which is a cooking competition for kids 8-12. One of the judges on the show is Christina Tosi, who is the owner/chef behind Milk Bar in New York.

Milk Bar is a desserterie with nine locations in New York City as well as locations in DC, Las Vegas, and Toronto (Canada). I have their cookbook, and please let me assure you that none of their desserts are easy–they require a lot of preparation and practice.

What can you get there? Cakes, cookies, cake truffles, ice cream, and milkshakes.

One of the things they’re famous for is cereal milk flavored items. The idea being that the best milk is that milk left after your cereal has leeched out some of its sugary goodness into it. My friend J got a cereal milk milkshake. She said it was yummy if overpriced.

Rhi and Ellie opted for cookies. Rhi is holding a confetti cookie, which she really liked.

I got the crack pie that they’re also famous for. It is gooey and decadent and definitely worthy of the name because a month later I’m craving another piece!

If you’re near one, I suggest going in and trying it out!

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