New York City with kids, part 9–Things we didn’t get to :(

New York is an amazing city. It’s impossible to do everything you’d like to with or without kids.

Things I wanted to do with the kids but we didn’t get to for various reasons include

Ellen’s Stardust Diner with the singing waitstaff. I have loved it since I lived in NYC and this was the first trip where I didn’t manage to go. Every time we tried–and we tried three times–the line was insurmountable. Had I been with another adult, I might have done the wait, but it was just too long with the kids. The staff are largely actors who have or yet to work on Broadway–the level of talent is incredible.

Books of Wonder, a children’s bookstore in NYC. I’ve been to several times before, including when I took Elanor in 2013, but we just didn’t make it there this time. This is a space dedicated to the idea of helping children love reading, and it’s a great place to browse. It’s also an indie bookstore–support local bookstores!

I mentioned it in another post, but we just didn’t make The Natural History Museum on this trip. Do you or your child love dinosaurs? You should definitely go. Other exhibits are nice, too, but the big draw for me has been and will always be the dinosaurs. This is the museum where the movie Night at the Museum takes place.


I meant to, but we didn’t make it to the Statue of Liberty or The Empire State Building. Yes, I lived in NYC for a semester of grad school. At the time it was the one year anniversary of 9/11, so the Statue of Liberty was still closed to the public. I didn’t think Elanor would appreciate it at the age of five, so we skipped it in 2013. The Empire State Building has long lines–there are apparently crazy expensive tickets that let you skip the line, but I’m skeptical as to the value of them.

If you want to see the Statue of Liberty, but don’t want to actually go to the statue (you have to physically climb to the crown if you want to do that–not kid or stroller or accessible friendly), take the Staten Island Ferry—it’s free and you get amazing views of the Statue for your Facebook/Instagram account.

Every family has different priorities, but those are high on my list of things to ensure we do next time.

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