Homework and Alcatraz

***I’m going back and finishing some posts that were in my started, but never finished file***

Elanor has to do a report on something from California history. She chose Alcatraz (a famous former prison, now a national park) because it sounds like Azkaban from Harry Potter.

I took Ellie there a few weeks ago, and she was as impressed by the audio tour (which is told by actual former guards and actual former inmates).

Ellie saw firsthand places like the visitation area, the warden area, areas that were scarred during the battle of Alcatraz, and the holes through which three prisoners made an escape.

Elanor in a cell

A mock-up of what the cell that one of the prisoners escaped from. They don’t actually know or believe that it was successful. There were signs that the three prisoners probably drowned in the icy San Francisco Bay, but they only declared the people dead in the 70’s.


If you visit San Francisco, buy your tickets in advance–they sell out way in advance. If you like being scared, there’s an after dark tour, too. Definitely don’t miss the audio tour–it is exquisitely curated oral history.

For those with mobility concerns, there’s a tram that takes people to the top, but keep an eye on the time. Everyone else, be prepared for the walk from the bottom to the top of the hill.

Even if it’s warm in SF, be prepared that Alcatraz will be freezing cold. Even in summer.



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