Things and places I miss in Singapore 1-5

Watching Crazy Rich Asians made me wish they’d shown more of Singapore. So I thought I’d compile an off the cuff, not in any order list of places I miss in Singapore.

  1. Brinda’s has amazing Indian food. The only things I don’t love is how long it takes for a delivery order to arrive and that some foods (like tikka masala) are only available at certain hours. It’s also open 24 hours, which makes it perfect jetlag food (as if you need another reason to eat there).

2. Toni and Guy on River Valley Road. My hair never looked so good before or after. My colorist, though, has opened a new salon, and I would have followed him for color and stayed with my stylist at Toni and guy.

3. Amazonia is the indoor play place on the third floor of Great World City. It has giant slides, a toddler play area, and an excellent parent cafe. They also have glow in the dark minigolf, do birthdays, and other assorted fun. We used to live two blocks from Great World City, so we ended up at Amazonia often. There is an equivalent here, but it’s a twenty-five minute drive.

4. Little India in general, and Mustafa specifically. We went there for both American food you couldn’t get elsewhere (tang, weirdly enough) and Indian food. We also went to the restaurant on the roof whenever we were there. It’s also a great place for kitchenware, and mundane items like laundry baskets. I have not purchased electronics or furniture like a fridge from them, but they do sell them. We might have bought our dishwasher there, but no one remembers. If I did, then I can attest to the quality of at least the dishwasher I bought.

5. Kidzania is amazing and there’s nothing like it here. Period.

On Monday I’ll share five more places/things I miss about Singapore

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