Things and places in Singapore that I miss 6-10

Continuing Friday’s post of things and places I miss in Singapore. Seeing Crazy Rich Asians made me nostalgic for my Singapore.

6. Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre was a huge help to Rhi as we began to identify and work on her special needs. She saw a therapist and an occupational therapist. If you have a special needs kid, they are pricey but worth it.

7. I miss being a part of Democrats Abroad. I’m still finding my feet, politically speaking, and I feel like there were ways in which I was more involved there (and then others where I’m more involved here). But it was a great community, and I’m proud to have served on the Country Committee.

8. I miss our Lao Shi. Both girls have stopped speaking and studying Mandarin and I feel like I have let them down. But without speaking Mandarin myself, I’d have to enroll them in too many classes, and the lack of Mandarin at home would still be a problem. I miss the way Mandarin was incorporated into their lives.

9. River Hong Bao was something we looked forward to every year. We managed to go in 2017 just before we left, but we noticed the lack of it this year.

10. Again, we haven’t fully found our community yet, so we also miss the way that Diwali is a national holiday. It was easy to get into the spirit, to purchase goods at the Diwali Market in Little India, and to celebrate as a family when everyone had the day off.

I could keep going…I’m getting homesick just listing things off. I’m not certain this is the top ten exactly, but it was the top ten that was in my head off the cuff.

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