I don’t miss haze

I was on Facebook on Monday and as I often do, I glanced at my timehop (the feature where you see what you’ve posted on that day years in the past). Three years ago the PSI was going up to dangerous levels. The picture above is not as bad as it got. That was possibly the year they canceled school because of haze.

Ravi is an asthmatic, and every year my anxiety would spike, fearing for his health. The good masks that block the right particle matter are only made for adult faces, and my little ones were being exposed to hazardous air. Then there were the migrant workers who were given little more than a bandana to put over their face to combat hazardous air and were expected to continue on their job as if the air were perfectly healthy.

I don’t miss that vague burning taste in the back of my throat.

The part of the West Coast I live in is very dry, though, and there are issues with big forest fires every year. Last October, I began to taste that too familiar tinge of smoke in the air. I immediate began to worry, and to wonder where I’d put all those extra high PSI masks. But we were lucky that our part of CA usually doesn’t get too bad. I have friends in LA who really suffered last year. Which is, of course, nothing compared to what the people living in or near those areas experienced.

Singapore, I miss you. I don’t miss the haze.

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