The Roosevelt New Orleans (A Waldorf Astoria Property)

Photo source–Trip Advisor

If you like historic properties and luxury, I highly recommend the Roosevelt in New Orleans. It’s just off Canal on the opposite side from the French Quarter. That makes a place like Cafe Du Monde a ten to fifteen minute walk, which isn’t insurmountable. If you have accessibility issues, there is very little in the way of benches on the way to and in the quarter. If you use a cane or a walker, I encourage you to bring one of the ones that have a little seated bench, like this one.

The lobby is full of old world charm, including this gorgeous clock, which was shown at the Paris Exhibition in 1878. The staff of the Roosevelt have to hand wind this clock every eight days per the magazine in our room.

As you can see, there are lots of crystal chandeliers, paintings, a grand piano, and a massive floral display near other entrance.

There’s a gift shop, but it’s more of a boutique than a gift shop. If you needs snacks and such, there’s a Walgreens at the end of the block on Canal, where you’ll have more options at a much lower price.

There are famous murals from the 30’s in the Sazerac bar. It looked like a lovely place to rest, but I didn’t really spend any time there except to look at the murals, which several people recommended. Sazerac was the first bar in New Orleans to allow women in, in 1946, and every year there is a “storming the sazerac” event with women dressed in period gear.

There’s a restaurant where they serve breakfast among others, and you get a beignet with breakfast (although it’s not as good as the ones at Cafe du Monde). There’s also a high end restaurant that I never went into.

The spa is stupendous. I had a body scrub and a massage. The girls got mini-manicures (special for kids under 12). This pic is in the relaxation room.

There’s a pool and a rooftop bar. The pool is reasonably sized, and there’s a jacuzzi as well.

We got a one bedroom suite with a pull out couch in the living room section. It was cheaper than getting two rooms in another hotel. The rooms were relatively large (massive by Asian/Australian/European standards), the bathroom was great (our shower had the choice of a regular head, a hand held head and body jets–I never wanted to get out and being a one bedroom suite, it even had a half bath with a toilet).

If you like old world elegance, I highly recommend The Roosevelt New Orleans



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