Thank you for everything.

Roughly two years ago, we had left our apartment in Singapore behind. We’d moved into a hotel for a week while we said good-bye to Singapore. I oversaw the apartment turnover. The kids were finishing up their last week of school. Ravi ended his employment with GNB. Six weeks short of our seven year anniversary in Singapore, we left it.

I’ve given a lot of thought to what should happen to Expat Bostonians. I’m not an expat, for all that the Bay Area in California is very different from Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve struggled to find content that would appeal to my audience. Honestly, it’s been a bigger source of stress now than it ever was in Singapore.

In the end I’ve decided to leave it up, but as far as I know, this is my last post. However, I’ll still occasionally post on the EB Facebook page. I need to focus my time and effort on other things.

You can still keep up with me, though.

I’m disabling comments on all posts so I don’t need to stay on top of that.

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