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Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Last week when I injured my back, I headed to Gleneagles Hospital, which is the closest hospital to my condo.  Once it became clear I needed to be admitted, though, I ended up at Mount Elizabeth Novena.  Mt. E Novena … Continue reading

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Assimilation-The parent who doesn’t speak the language

As a teacher in urban Boston, I was not a stranger to parents who did not speak English.  Our school had a few people who could translate for parent/teacher conferences and I think some of the notices went out in … Continue reading

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Defining oneself as an expat (at least to me) implies some level of transience.   Sometimes it’s a month (as my time in France as a student was), and sometimes it’s years.  But you always have the intention of going home…eventually.  … Continue reading

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Expat Wife = Easiest Job in SG?

The easiest job in Singapore has to be expat wife. The quote above showed up in the @hellofrmsg twitter feed earlier today (a person the account follows, not a specific comment to the account).  As I am an expat wife, … Continue reading

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Election Day

I’m guessing you may have heard there’s this little “election” thing happening in my home country today, yes? When people learn I’m American, one of the first things they want to talk about with me is politics.  More recently, I … Continue reading

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Singapore has made me a photographer

Before we moved to Singapore, I liked photography, but I primarily took pictures on vacation and of Elanor. But the beauty of Singapore had me reaching for my camera so often I eventually took classes and upgraded my camera.  Beware, … Continue reading

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Trick or Treating in Singapore

For 2013 info see here One of the most common questions American Expats have this time of year is “Is there trick or treating in Singapore?” or “Where can I go trick or treating in Singapore?” Yes, there is trick … Continue reading

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Question Time–Mail related

I have a question– Does Singpost not forward mail? We have lived in our current apartment for 2 1/2 years and still get mail addressed to a previous resident.  I’ve written does not live here and put it back in … Continue reading

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Reverse Culture Shock

After driving on the left side of the road for the past seven or so months, I have had to focus and think hard about being on the right side of the road again.  I found myself wailing to anyone … Continue reading

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WAM-Breastfeeding in Singapore

In today’s post over at White as Milk, I discuss my experiences breastfeeding in Singapore, and some areas where improvements could be made to better support new moms.

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