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In which I share questions I’m asked every time I go back to the US

***I’m going through my draft posts and finishing them/adding to them to get them out into the world***   My friends and family are well educated about Singapore by this point (some were more educated about Singapore than I was … Continue reading

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Her mother tongue isn’t Tamil

***A quick note of explanation before I get into the post.  English is the language of instruction in Singapore.  However, all students must take a second language–called a Mother Tongue  (henceforce I’ll refer to it as MT) language.*** I recently … Continue reading

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New Zealand-A Comedy of Errors

I may not have boarded a plane before my twentieth summer, but I’ve more than made up for it since.  In just the (almost) five years since we had Elanor, we’ve visited four continents, eleven countries, and somewhere between fifteen … Continue reading

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I ended up in the hospital again.  While my review of Mt. Elizabeth Novena does paint a fairly appealing hospital experience (as hospital experiences go), I wasn’t terribly thrilled to land back there eight days after being released.  I even … Continue reading

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Mommy Wars, Singapore Style

In the US, there has been long-standing tension between Stay at Home Moms and “Working” Moms (The airquotes are because that’s usually the first thing that gets tempers flaring–yes, ALL moms are working moms).  The book above, if you can … Continue reading

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What do they look like?

“What does she look like?” The police officer meant my daughter’s race.  She looked up at me, exasperated by my lack of response to her question.  I hadn’t responded as I hadn’t been blindsided by this sort of casual racism … Continue reading

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Reverse Culture Shock

After driving on the left side of the road for the past seven or so months, I have had to focus and think hard about being on the right side of the road again.  I found myself wailing to anyone … Continue reading

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House of Plague

I have to say that the last 10 days were not the most fun days. I woke up the Wednesday before last with a sore throat and a headache.  I took some aspirin and moved on.  I woke up Thursday … Continue reading

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My first Singaporean parking ticket

Dear Universe– I realize that I was struggling to find a blog post topic, but it was a bit cruel to drop one into my lap in the form of a parking ticket.  Please do not be so literal in … Continue reading

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Then there are days like today….

My friend Jessica was somewhat prophetic during a conversation we had within the past six months.  We were discussing expat life, and she turned to me and said “the third year is the hardest.”  I wasn’t so sure, but I … Continue reading

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