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LGBT Resources in Singapore

***I freely admit my pro-lgbt rights bias, and am openly bisexual.  Anti-LGBT comments will be deleted, and you may be banned–because it’s my blog and I don’t have to play fair on this.**** Pink Dot 2013 It’s no secret that … Continue reading

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Assimilation: Applying for PR

On Dec 2, 2013 Ravi and I did something that we had spent countless hours debating–we applied for PR (Permanent Resident) status. 2010–15 month old Elanor.  An aunty had given the oranges to her on the MRT.  I’d said thank … Continue reading

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In Memoriam…

In October 2010, I wrote a post called “The Hardest Thing” when my great-aunt passed away.  In it, I discuss what it feels like to lose a family member when you’re on the opposite side of the world. On this … Continue reading

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You drive on the wrong side of the road and other Reverse Culture Shock Moments

When I first became an expat in 2010, trips home were like a life raft to me.  It was the opportunity to return to a world that made sense to me.  A return to a land where I wasn’t constantly … Continue reading

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Reverse Culture Shock–Where did all these white people come from?

I was torn whether to post this.  Discussing race always has the potential to be offensive, especially coming from a white person.  However, one of my biggest goals for Expat Bostonians has always been to be honest about my expat … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound

We are visiting Boston for the first time in 16 months this December.  It is the longest time we’ve gone without going home since moving to Singapore.  We did get back to the US last Nov/December, but it was Vegas … Continue reading

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The Uncomfortable Truth about Toys in Singapore

Around this time of year I start spending a lot of time at toy stores; Rhi’s second birthday is in October, Ellie turns five in November, and both girls get Christmas gifts.  Before I actually went shopping, I began to … Continue reading

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The Expat Experience and My Relationship-My story

For a few months now I’ve wanted to start a series of guest posts about how the expat experience can impact a relationship.  With all of my medical and life drama, that ended up on the back burner.  However, today … Continue reading

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Boston, you’re my home

If you want a rehash of the tragic events of last week in Boston, from the Marathon bombing to the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, go elsewhere. I can’t do it. Every conversation I’ve had for days has gone “Why? I … Continue reading

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Defining oneself as an expat (at least to me) implies some level of transience.   Sometimes it’s a month (as my time in France as a student was), and sometimes it’s years.  But you always have the intention of going home…eventually.  … Continue reading

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