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My NYC/Boston series will return on Friday. Today I wanted to write about the protest our family attended this past weekend. There were more than 800 protests around the country on Saturday to protest Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy that … Continue reading

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Trump Kim Summit

I was on vacation when this farce went down, and I didn’t want to ruin my fun, so I waited to write this. Singapore was suckered. The Trump Kim summit will accomplish nothing but further alienating our former friends. Singapore … Continue reading

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Democrats Abroad Global Primary

We have lived in Singapore since 2010, and have voted in every election in which we’ve been eligible in the nearly six years since. We had requested our 2016 presidential primary ballots when I got an email from Democrats Abroad, … Continue reading

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And Tango makes a banned book

Dear “concerned parents” who challenge this book I too, am a parent.  I too have had my children bring over books that I am not comfortable with them reading at their current ages.  The difference between you and I is … Continue reading

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LGBT Resources in Singapore

***I freely admit my pro-lgbt rights bias, and am openly bisexual.  Anti-LGBT comments will be deleted, and you may be banned–because it’s my blog and I don’t have to play fair on this.**** Pink Dot 2013 It’s no secret that … Continue reading

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Assimilation: Applying for PR

On Dec 2, 2013 Ravi and I did something that we had spent countless hours debating–we applied for PR (Permanent Resident) status. 2010–15 month old Elanor.  An aunty had given the oranges to her on the MRT.  I’d said thank … Continue reading

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Fat in Singapore-my story

Recently I’ve had a number of conversations about fat-from the technical to the political.  But there’s also been a discussion about what it’s like to be fat in Singapore, and I’ve been asked to share my story. I am fat.  … Continue reading

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Why my blog was blacked out

On Thursday, June 6th, if you tried to access Expat Bostonians all you saw was a blacked out screen with a notice about a protest tomorrow in Hong Lim Park with the hashtag #freemyinternet. I chose to black out my … Continue reading

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Boston, you’re my home

If you want a rehash of the tragic events of last week in Boston, from the Marathon bombing to the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, go elsewhere. I can’t do it. Every conversation I’ve had for days has gone “Why? I … Continue reading

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I have no words

There are plenty of places where you can follow the news updates about the tragedy of the Boston Marathon.  I can only tell you that this is a tragedy that hits incredibly close to home for me. Between 1997 when … Continue reading

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