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Expat to Expat Advice–The Tuberculosis Vaccination

I’m so stridently, vocally pro-vaccine that it pains me to write this post. But there is a teeny tiny part of me that questions whether I should have allowed Rhiannon to receive the tuberculosis vaccination and is not looking forward … Continue reading

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Guest Post at Mummy in Provence

Today I can also be found as a guest poster over at Mummy in Provence. Ameena does this really wonderful series on the Global Differences of having a baby abroad.  Written by expats around the world, you can read about … Continue reading

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Mother & Child – For new parents

If I were back in Boston, I would have spent a great deal of time with Isis Parenting, an amazing local resource that combines breastfeeding support, developmental classes for caregiver and baby, retail space and all manner of support you … Continue reading

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Expat to Expat Advice-Registering Your Newborn as a US Citizen

Having a baby in Singapore is pretty easy, and I grew to really appreciate the medical care I received here.  However, once the baby arrives, you may find yourself buried under a mountain of paperwork.  As an American married to … Continue reading

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And then there were two

For my readers who come here for non-baby stuff…I promise that it will not be all baby all the time. However, the grandparents don’t get to meet her until Christmas, so I may do lots of off topic baby pictures … Continue reading

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Rhiannon’s Birth Story

Fair warning–This is a birth story.  There will be discussion of girl parts, bodily fluids, and as it was a c-section–abdominal surgery  You have been warned.  Non-birth story of Rhiannon’s first days will follow if that’s what you’re interested in. … Continue reading

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Rhiannon Arcadia

Welcome to the world, Rhiannon   Longer post when I have the energy…some time this weekend, I imagine.

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