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No post today

Hi all My fibromyalgia has flared up, and put me behind schedule. If I can, I’ll get my CRA review up tomorrow. Otherwise it will be Wednesday.

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Crazy Rich Asians Poll

So I’m sure you’ll all sick of hot takes on Crazy Rich Asians, but I’m going to go see it this weekend. What did you think of the movie? Pick up to three answers.

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In which I share questions I’m asked every time I go back to the US

***I’m going through my draft posts and finishing them/adding to them to get them out into the world***   My friends and family are well educated about Singapore by this point (some were more educated about Singapore than I was … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

  I saw my first “big’ concert in Hong Kong. Prior to that I’d only seen two concerts, both in small venues in Boston. But both the concert in HK and the concerts I went to in Singapore were indoors. … Continue reading

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A lusty podcast

I promise we’ll get back to Singapore content very soon. I’ve been exploring all the amazing Christmas displays this year and can’t wait to share the pictures. Once my laptop’s SD card starts to work. In the meantime, my first … Continue reading

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In my last post from about two months ago, I was pretty depressed. Understandably so, given the crappy year I’ve had, health-wise. Things are better.  It’s been a slow process, but they’re improving. Hair Losing a lot of hair was … Continue reading

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My head is spinning

I don’t think I ever imagined a month like the one we just had.  Over the course of November we had Elanor’s Birthday party at home Elanor celebrated her birthday at school with cupcakes We had a parent/teacher conference about … Continue reading

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