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“How do you and your kids enjoy life in Singapore?”

I’ve recently been emailing with a potential expat. I had a number of Singaporean expats respond to my emails, answer questions, and generally be a great resource for our move. Some of them are now irl friends (or were and … Continue reading

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In my last post from about two months ago, I was pretty depressed. Understandably so, given the crappy year I’ve had, health-wise. Things are better.  It’s been a slow process, but they’re improving. Hair Losing a lot of hair was … Continue reading

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I feel it necessary to put a warning here to avoid this post if medical/psychological matters are triggering for you. I’m alive. In the past I’ve used that kind of greeting to start a blog post after a long hiatus … Continue reading

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Expat to Expat Advice-The downside of NOT having a maid

I’ve talked before about the stresses and downsides of having a helper and all the ways it failed for me, particularly as someone who has no prior experience managing someone in that sort of situation. Our family has decided not … Continue reading

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Maid Shaped Rose-Colored Glasses

I employed an FDW (maid, helper, pick your term) from May 2010 until the end of December 2011-nineteen months.  I have been without an FDW/maid/helper/etc from January 2012 until today (Sept 2013)-twenty-one months.  Generally speaking, I have preferred not being … Continue reading

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Would we hire another maid?

I’ve had some health problems in the last month, including a two day stay in a hospital, and a three day illness.  We found ourselves asking a question we didn’t want to consider-Should we hire another maid? There were a … Continue reading

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Response to TWC2 post

It has come to my attention that my blog and myself were cited by TWC2 (transient workers count too) in a blog post entitled “Why are Singapore mums demonizing maids online?“.  The specific paragraph where I am cited reads is … Continue reading

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