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Life without a maid

I miss my FDW. Adorable but exhausting I don’t miss her because of her amazing cleaning skills (although they were amazing), but the other myriad ways she supported me. If I had a doctor’s appointment, or some other errand that … Continue reading

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Expat to Expat–Suggestions to help you hire the FDW that’s right for your family

This is my last post from the drafts folder. This has been sitting there since 2016 because this is an inflammatory post. Anything I’ve added for clarification will have a *** *** around it. I have been debating whether or … Continue reading

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“How do you and your kids enjoy life in Singapore?”

I’ve recently been emailing with a potential expat. I had a number of Singaporean expats respond to my emails, answer questions, and generally be a great resource for our move. Some of them are now irl friends (or were and … Continue reading

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In my last post from about two months ago, I was pretty depressed. Understandably so, given the crappy year I’ve had, health-wise. Things are better.  It’s been a slow process, but they’re improving. Hair Losing a lot of hair was … Continue reading

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I feel it necessary to put a warning here to avoid this post if medical/psychological matters are triggering for you. I’m alive. In the past I’ve used that kind of greeting to start a blog post after a long hiatus … Continue reading

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Expat to Expat Advice-The downside of NOT having a maid

I’ve talked before about the stresses and downsides of having a helper and all the ways it failed for me, particularly as someone who has no prior experience managing someone in that sort of situation. Our family has decided not … Continue reading

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Maid Shaped Rose-Colored Glasses

I employed an FDW (maid, helper, pick your term) from May 2010 until the end of December 2011-nineteen months.  I have been without an FDW/maid/helper/etc from January 2012 until today (Sept 2013)-twenty-one months.  Generally speaking, I have preferred not being … Continue reading

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Would we hire another maid?

I’ve had some health problems in the last month, including a two day stay in a hospital, and a three day illness.  We found ourselves asking a question we didn’t want to consider-Should we hire another maid? There were a … Continue reading

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Response to TWC2 post

It has come to my attention that my blog and myself were cited by TWC2 (transient workers count too) in a blog post entitled “Why are Singapore mums demonizing maids online?“.  The specific paragraph where I am cited reads is … Continue reading

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One of the downsides of NOT having a maid/helper

I’ve written fairly extensively on the topic of maids.  I have a whole category to go and read on the topic.  For the last year, when I’ve touched on the topic, it’s most often to share that it is possible … Continue reading

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