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Two years later, my first instinct is still “call the fire department!” (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Nope, just fogging for mosquitos/roaches/bugs.

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That does not mean what you think it means.

The primary language used in Singapore is English.  This does not, however, mean that people understand each other, even when they are both technically speaking English. To wit… Last week I bought a dishwasher. I asked the sales woman if … Continue reading

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The day the air con died…

In Singapore, renting an apartment feels like home ownership light.  Among other things, I was informed that I was expected to keep up air conditioner unit maintenance.  Luckily my agent explained this to me, or I would never have thought … Continue reading

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I never liked the microwave, anyway…

This is our microwave. devil spawn I have never been able to work it properly.  It burns microwave popcorn, has setting that even with the aid of a manual I’ve never quite been able to figure out, and in my … Continue reading

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Apartment Tour, Now with Furniture!

  Sorry for the occasional fuzzy/grainy images.

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What do I do when the power goes out, and other questions I forgot to ask…

It was freakishly quiet when I woke. And too warm. Why wasn’t the air conditioning on? My sleepy brain tried to make sense of whatever it was that had woken me.  Was the power off, or was the zombie apocalypse … Continue reading

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Let us examine “new” and “old”

I know my friends in Europe will fall over laughing and condescendingly pat me on the head, but I’ve always thought of Boston as a city that respects the old while building the new.  After all, how many cities have … Continue reading

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Six Things I Love About Singapore

Wow…we have officially been here for six months. I started the blog as a way to keep in touch with friends back home.  To my surprise and joy, some of my readers are locals or fellow expats who have no … Continue reading

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Contractors…some helpful advice in dealing with expats

Dear Singapore Contractors Can we talk? The way you do business makes Expats (at least this Expat) want to fling themselves out a window, or at the very least beat our heads against the walls.  Based upon my experiences with … Continue reading

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While we’re on the subject of bathrooms…

An amusing sign from the bathrooms at Lucky Plaza on Orchard, which also must be highlighted as the only bathroom that has charged me for entry (and has no real redeeming factors to justify that charge). A picture of the … Continue reading

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