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I’m happy to get my medical care in Singapore these days…

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently about medical care here versus the US. I know this building WAY too well I initially injured my back in 1995 playing tennis in high school.  I had the occasional issue with my back … Continue reading

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My commute

This post will be primarily of interest to non-Singaporeans.  I thought it might be fun to share some of what I see every morning on my commute to dropping the girls and Ravi off since most of my US friends/readers … Continue reading

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4 years in, I still don’t speak metric

Today I’m home with a sick child.  Little Rhi started running a fever last night–nothing serious, clearly just another one of those lovely viruses that are part of having kids in school. Sick Rhi The thing is when I need … Continue reading

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Singapore Haze as seen from space

These were taken yesterday by Nasa Morning of June 19 Afternoon Source

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Singapore Haze

Every year around September there are a few weeks of haze.  A very slight burning flavor in the air, and a bit of scratchiness in your throat, maybe some itching in the eyes.  The sky is overcast, and it’s an … Continue reading

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Fat in Singapore-my story

Recently I’ve had a number of conversations about fat-from the technical to the political.  But there’s also been a discussion about what it’s like to be fat in Singapore, and I’ve been asked to share my story. I am fat.  … Continue reading

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I ended up in the hospital again.  While my review of Mt. Elizabeth Novena does paint a fairly appealing hospital experience (as hospital experiences go), I wasn’t terribly thrilled to land back there eight days after being released.  I even … Continue reading

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