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Siam Ah (Singapore’s answer to flappy birds)

I never got addicted to flappy birds–I’m too busy crushing candies.  However, I know the addiction was widespread, and some of you may be finding yourself in flappy birds withdrawal.  But there is a cure–or rather a new addiction just … Continue reading

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Mommy Wars, Singapore Style

In the US, there has been long-standing tension between Stay at Home Moms and “Working” Moms (The airquotes are because that’s usually the first thing that gets tempers flaring–yes, ALL moms are working moms).  The book above, if you can … Continue reading

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Expat Wife = Easiest Job in SG?

The easiest job in Singapore has to be expat wife. The quote above showed up in the @hellofrmsg twitter feed earlier today (a person the account follows, not a specific comment to the account).  As I am an expat wife, … Continue reading

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Reverse Culture Shock

After driving on the left side of the road for the past seven or so months, I have had to focus and think hard about being on the right side of the road again.  I found myself wailing to anyone … Continue reading

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My first Singaporean parking ticket

Dear Universe– I realize that I was struggling to find a blog post topic, but it was a bit cruel to drop one into my lap in the form of a parking ticket.  Please do not be so literal in … Continue reading

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My bank is trying to Punk me

If you’ve never seen Punk’d, the premise of the show is that one celebrity tries to trick another celebrity by taking a situation to a ridiculous extreme.  Take away the celebrities, and you have the situation I found myself in … Continue reading

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Ways that living in Singapore has changed me…

I thought tomorrow (the 19th) was our 2 year anniversary here in Singapore, but according to this post, it was today.  Which highlights nicely how quickly time flies, how unreliable memory is, and how crap I am at basic skills … Continue reading

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Renting/Leasing a car

A couple of commenters have asked me to write a little more in detail about the way leasing works here in Singapore. *******I am happy to write about my experience, but remember as this post becomes dated things may change, … Continue reading

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Random cultural difference…receipts

In the US, the standard question after paying for something is “Do you want the receipt in the bag?” with the assumption being yes, you don’t want a receipt cluttering up your hand/wallet/purse. In Singapore, they ALWAYS give you the … Continue reading

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Interesting article on the Huffington Post about Singapore…

Stagnant wages, immigration fuel Singapore squeeze SINGAPORE — Singaporean Ramzi Mohamed is tired of sleeping in the living room of the two-bedroom apartment he shares with his mother and older brother. His problem is that housing prices in the city-state … Continue reading

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