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In my last post from about two months ago, I was pretty depressed. Understandably so, given the crappy year I’ve had, health-wise. Things are better.  It’s been a slow process, but they’re improving. Hair Losing a lot of hair was … Continue reading

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Signs of the times…

I was at Market 360 at Ion Orchard Mall tonight, doing some grocery shopping when I noticed a sign near the aisle of Japanese snack foods. Dear Customers, Please be informed that Japanese imports are: from the non-affected parts of … Continue reading

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Five weeks and counting

Five weeks from this second in time (and only days past our one year anniversary in Singapore) I will winging my way to Boston with Ravi and Elanor for a 2 (Ravi)/3 (Elanor and I) visit home.  Eight weeks from … Continue reading

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I’ve wanted to write something about Japan since the tragedy.  But, truth be told…I don’t know what to say. The tragedy is both distant and enormously present for us.  Co-workers of Ravi’s are based out of Tokyo and were updating … Continue reading

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