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Random Things from Boston

Since my small tidbits post from yesterday went over well, I’m going to do it again, as there are so many things I meant to post about while home and didn’t, or feel as though they might not merit an … Continue reading

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An unexpected dr’s visit and the realities of prescription drugs in Singapore

Before I freak anyone out–I’m fine, the baby is fine. For the squeamish–I’m about to talk about throwing up.  You’ve been warned. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are sadly nothing new to me.  I spent the majority of Elanor’s pregnancy … Continue reading

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Being Sick Sucks…but E is healthy

If you’ve wondered why there wasn’t a new post…I’ve been sick.  Fever, sweating, moments later teeth chattering chills, the works.  I had a few tests run and I should find out tomorrow if it’s something that is requires antibiotics, or … Continue reading

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Surgery in Singapore

It’s worth stating at the start that I’m fine, now.  It’s also worth stating that my surgery was gyn related, so male readers and squeamish readers might want to take a pass on this entry. Ravi and I have decided … Continue reading

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