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Vermont Teddy Bear Factory Tour, 2005

One weekend in August or September of 2005, Ravi and I decided to drive to Vermont on a whim.  This was back in the day before we had children, and the prospect of a 3 hour car ride was fun-a … Continue reading

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Just WHAT is in those 8 suitcases (part 2 of 2)

So last time we covered stuff to keep E busy on the airplane, health and beauty items, books, holiday decorations, and E’s Halloween Costume. Ravi has the next birthday in our family, and if there’s one thing he’s been wanting…it’s … Continue reading

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Borders Singapore

The recent news that the American (and Australian) Borders Bookstores are being liquidated and closed represents the end of an era for me.  For over 10 years, Borders was my bookstore of choice in the US. Ironically, moving to Singapore … Continue reading

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My tale of laptop woe grows

When last I blogged, I shared that my iBook had suffered a sudden demise, and that I was girding my loins to deal with the “Certified Applecare Repair Center” near my home. What followed was both comedic gold and entirely … Continue reading

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The little things

When I think about what I miss about life in the US, there are some obvious answers.  My friends.  My car.  Target.  Or, to incorporate all three–driving to Target in order to shop with a close friend. We’re smiling because … Continue reading

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