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Laptop woes

Last night, I finished up editing a story and then went to my bedroom. I went to plug in my laptop, only to find out I couldn’t. Something in the connection between the two is broken. I have been reduced … Continue reading

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No post today

Hi all My fibromyalgia has flared up, and put me behind schedule. If I can, I’ll get my CRA review up tomorrow. Otherwise it will be Wednesday.

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New York City with kids, part 4–Playing in Central Park

After we had lunch at American Girl, we rode a  pedicab (bike taxi) to Central Park. Be wary–the pedicabs can charge drastically different prices and it can get crazy expensive very fast. Confirm their rates and if they take credit … Continue reading

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Vegas 2018 part two

I love cooking shows, and I especially love cake decorating shows like Cake Boss. Cake Boss is set at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, and they make incredibly elaborate cakes as well as their regular assortment of pastry/bakery … Continue reading

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Giving Up PR status

While we were in Singapore last December, we made the decision to renounce our PR status. Moving back to Singapore just isn’t going to happen, and while it felt like a security blanket to know we could, especially given the … Continue reading

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