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Vegas Highlights

There’s an American cable channel called “The Travel Channel.”  Many of my American friends know I had an unhealthy relationship with this channel for a number of years.  As a broke college student/grad student/student teacher/teacher I had few resources with … Continue reading

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Elanor is 4

My darling Ellie, Happy fourth birthday.  May you always embrace the world as fearlessly and with as big a heart as you do today. Love Mommy PS-Stop calling me mother-it’s freaking me out.

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Happy First Birthday Rhiannon

  My darling Rhiannon You are now one year old! This time last year we were still in the hospital, both of us still recovering from your unexpectedly early arrival into the world.  You were constantly cuddled close to me, … Continue reading

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Mass Lantern Walk 2012

As part of the Mid-Autumn Festival, there was a Mass Lantern Walk in Chinatown this past Saturday night. Not pictured–the giant “Sponsored by Singtel” lantern. Lion Dance before the kick off We arrived at the start of the walk just … Continue reading

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Perestroika:The Best Drag Show in the World (NSFW)

Just a heads up that some of the content in the post is not safe for work. It really should come as no surprise to my readership that I love drag queens and drag shows.  So I was thrilled to … Continue reading

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Adventures on the Boston Common

On Thursday, our first day in Boston, I took Ellie to see Brave (the new Pixar movie) with Rhi and my friend Kate.  We both really liked it, although there are some scary parts if you have a sensitive little … Continue reading

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She speaks…

Rhi has gotten very verbal lately.  We’re pretty sure we’ve heard “la!” for Ella (and maybe even “el!”) in the last day or two.  Today I managed to catch her saying “da! da! da!” on camera.  Nope, no “mama.”  Glad … Continue reading

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The Little Gym of Singapore

Ellie has been attending The Little Gym since she was a year old (at the advice of her physical therapist), and one of the first things we did after moving to Singapore was to connect with The Little Gym of … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball (show review)

I should start off by admitting that I’m not really a rock concert kind of person.  I see rock shows every so often as a change of pace, or because I really like an artist, but in general I dislike … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday–Elanor

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