LGBT Resources in SG

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These resources are accurate as of 2016.

Being out in Singapore is often a difficult act, and one which can find you lacking in resources and support. However, you aren’t alone….

Singaporean Resources

  • Oogachaga is your best and first resource. They are a counseling and resources center. If you need support during the coming out process (or questioning, or anything) they will help you find a counselor who won’t condemn you or try harmful reparative therapies. They have online resources, support groups and emailcounseling as well. Their hotline number is 62262002 and is open Tues-Thurs 7-10pm and Sat 2-6pm.
  • Congregaytion is a website run by Oogachaga. Here is their list of various support groups–men, women, transgender, youth, etc.
  • I Will Survive is both a website and an anthology of personal stories from LGBT individuals in Singapore.
  • Pink Dot is the annual LGBT event–the closest thing we have to Pride. Over the past 5 years it has swelled to a 20+K person attended event. This year it will be June 28th. Go to their FB page here.
  • Free Community Church is an LGBT friendly church if you’re Christian and seeking a safe space. They have a support group called Safehaven.
  • Pelangi Pride Centre is a secular library and resource centre housed in the Free Community Church. It has fiction and non fiction resources. Open Saturdays 2-6pm, and is volunteer run. (newly listed resource) Find their catalog here.
  • AWARE is Singapore’s gender equality organization. Here is a link to their beyond 377a page. (newly added)
  • WTF! Zine is a new singapore based relationship/sex/sexuality resource. There are only a few LGBT articles at the moment, but they can be found here. (newly added)
  • Fridae is actually an Asia-wide LGBT portal, but worth joining.
  • Wild Rice is a local theater troupe organized by Ivan Heng. They often perform LGBT friendly fare–last year brought us an all male production of “the Importance of Being Earnest” and a reading of “The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde” (which was followed by a q&a discussing, among other things, the state of LGBT affairs in Singapore).

Other Resources

Have more resources? Leave them in the comments!

2 Responses to LGBT Resources in SG

  1. MsRam says:

    I took a part in Pink Dot last year, and it was really amazing. I didnt know that people here have many meaningful activities. What a memory!

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