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Elanor and Rhi

If you’re wondering how Elanor and Rhi are doing, here are videos of them talking about books. Rhi wants to talk about Fly Guy vs The Flyswatter Elanor is talking about Dear Dumb Diary #1 Let’s Pretend this never happened.

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Things and places in Singapore that I miss 6-10

Continuing Friday’s post of things and places I miss in Singapore. Seeing Crazy Rich Asians made me nostalgic for my Singapore. 6. Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre was a huge help to Rhi as we began to identify and work on her … Continue reading

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Review–Crazy Rich Asians (movie)

My rating? C+ Okay, so this is an unpopular opinion, but I wasn’t that whelmed by Crazy Rich Asians. I read the book, but it was years ago so I can’t do a book v movie comparison (although iirc I … Continue reading

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Crazy Rich Asians Poll

So I’m sure you’ll all sick of hot takes on Crazy Rich Asians, but I’m going to go see it this weekend. What did you think of the movie? Pick up to three answers.

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Americanized, sort of

I was listening to Elanor talk in the following video a few days ago and it struck me how thoroughly she has assimilated into the US. By comparison, this is what she sounds like now Elanor has lost every last … Continue reading

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Life without a maid

I miss my FDW. Adorable but exhausting I don’t miss her because of her amazing cleaning skills (although they were amazing), but the other myriad ways she supported me. If I had a doctor’s appointment, or some other errand that … Continue reading

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Be Quiet Mommy’s Reading

I’m not sure how many of you know what a voracious reader I am. It’s August 23, 2018 and I’ve already read 92 books this year. I had to increase my reading goal for the year from 100 to 150 … Continue reading

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Back to School

This was the first week of the 2018/2019 school year for Rhi and Elanor

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Photo Essay–A trip to Disneyland

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Things I shouldn’t do

There are some things I *really* shouldn’t do. Things that are actively stupid, given my back. Things that I *really* *really* *really* shouldn’t do. Things like this   Yes, the Xtreme Sky Flyer fucked up my back for several days. … Continue reading

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