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Back to School

This was the first week of the 2018/2019 school year for Rhi and Elanor

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Wordless Wednesday: Elanor graduates K2

The K2 big group song Shaking hands with the principal Posing Recorder performance Dancing Family Photo The graduate

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Everyday Cambodia (part 1)

My main reason for going to Siem Reap were the temples.  However, once there, I discovered more to love. I really liked the tuktuks.  For whatever reason, I always picture tuktuks to look like the ones in India–probably because those … Continue reading

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Boston and Singapore are the same place

It occurred to me while home that in some ways, Singapore throughout the year and Boston in winter are the exact same place. Weather The weather is often so extreme that people stay indoors.  In Singapore we complain that it … Continue reading

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Voodoo Donuts, Portland (Oregon)

I’m not sure exactly when or where I first heard of Voodoo Doughnuts.  It’s likely that it was a special on the Food Network or the Travel Channel.  But I remember thinking it sounded really cool…a donut shop open 24/7, … Continue reading

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Random Hong Kong

A few pictures that didn’t belong anywhere else, but were worth sharing Desserts from the buffet at the Shangri-La restaurant “Cafe TOO” Dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse…we were given a romantic private room/booth Street signs Subway sign encouraging people to … Continue reading

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Hotel Review – The Conrad, Hong Kong

Just as Ravi and I cashed in airline miles to fly to Hong Kong, we also cashed in hotel frequent stay points to pay for our hotel room.  We have status (and a reserve of points we’ve been saving up) … Continue reading

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Hong Kong-Taylor Swift concert

I’m not a huge concert person…I’m a theater geek, for all that I love music.  I can actually count the number of concerts I’ve been to on two hands, and with the exception of Prince at Madison Square Garden in … Continue reading

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Hong Kong–Goldfish Market and street markets.

Finally!  An entry where I’m not embarrassed to be doing something I could/will do with my 2 year old in Hong Kong! Of the things I wanted to see in Hong Kong that were local, the markets were high up … Continue reading

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Hong Kong-New Town Plaza (including Snoopy World)

Once we arrived in Hong Kong, the rest of our first day was devoted to tracking down local sim cards with data plans (which allowed Ravi and I to maintain internet access on our respective smartphones–god forbid we miss a … Continue reading

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