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Sassy Mama Singapore (2015-present)

Primary School

Why We Chose Singapore’s Public Schools  In this essay I discuss my journey from fearing to embracing the idea of sending my daughters to Singapore’s public schools instead of choosing an international school or homeschooling.

Primary 1 Registration I discuss the one thing every parent of a student in Singapore’s public schools has in common–the dreaded Primary 1 Registration. Specifically I discuss how expats and permanent residents can navigate this often confusing process.

Experiencing Culture Shock in Primary 1 The shift from Kindergarten to Primary 1 involves a lot of culture shock, whether you’re an expat or a local parent.  In this article I discuss some of our stumbling blocks.

Mummy, not Mommy; Reflecting on the first half of Primary 1 In this personal essay, I discuss our experiences as foreign parents trying to navigate a school system radically different from the one we attended/I taught in during the first half of Elanor’s Primary 1 year.

Expat View–Reflections After a Full Year in Local Primary School After P1 was over and done with, I had to ask myself, “Was it worth it?”

Exams at an Early Age–How an Expat Kid Navigates Local Schools. In P2 Elanor encountered her first “big” exams, ones that count for 50% of her grade for the year. I reflect on how these exams have complicated my relationship with local schools.


What you need to know about Car Seat Safety in Singapore

Coping with Miscarriage: Support and Resources in Singapore

Activities for Kids in Singapore

The Little Gym Singapore After over five years of classes at The Little Gym, I was thrilled to spotlight them for other parents in Singapore.

Tried and Tested: Art Classes at the Drawing Mint. My girls tried art classes with Teacher Mae and I recommend her highly.

Kids and Technology

Girls and Technology Why are girls underrepresented in technology and what can we do about it? I spoke to nineteen women on three continents for this story between the ages of 17 and retirement to get their input on this piece.

Tech Classes in Singapore  Where can you little one learn to code or play with robots?

Best Tech Gifts for Girls (and Boys) Although I specifically looked at the toys marketed to/meant to appeal to girls, any child would enjoy these toys to get them interested in STEM


Tokyo Disney Resort (Disneyland and DisneySea) My tips and tricks for taking the family to Tokyo Disney.

Hawaii With Kids My suggestions for family fun on the Big Island, Maui, and O’ahu.

Theater Reviews

Beauty and Beast

The LKY Musical

Treasure Island

Disney on Ice 2015


‘Lumberjanes’ and more: An Interview with Comic Book Artist Brooke Allen

Positive Lessons from the Disney Princess Academy


And Tango Makes a Banned Book–My blog post was reprinted by “The Real Singapore” and shared over 1k times directly from my blog and received ~400 likes on the TRS link. (July 10, 2014)

WhiteAsMilk-online-storeWhite As Milk (2012-2014)

While blogging for White as Milk, I wrote in excess of 100 columns. Below is a sampling of posts I am proud of.

Parenting (my posts include)


Tech Savvy Toddler

(52 post column, highlights include the following)


2 Responses to Writing Elsewhere

  1. blackquacky says:

    Hi, random question but I am thinking of travelling to Singapore this summer. As someone who is obese, a westerner and a single bisexual woman I know I am facing some issues!! Do you think it is a good idea overall?? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • I’ll reply more at length via email, but the short answer is yes. Don’t plan to buy clothes here, and I don’t know what it’s like to date here, but Singapore is a wonderful city to visit. It is a photographer’s paradise. We have everything from artificially constructed wonders like Gardens by the Bay to amazing natural environments like Sungei Buloh Nature Preserve. Don’t let any potential anxiety get in the way.

      Look for my email 🙂

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